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Connection. Community. Change.


Connection – Our Business is Personal

Personal relationships form the foundation of all that we do.  Job titles and responsibilities may guide the day, but ultimately, people drive the business. 


We truly care for one another.  No matter the circumstance, we prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of every individual in our ecosystem, including fellows, partners, and staff. 


Community – Every Decision is Bigger Than Us

We know better than most that diversifying the innovation economy won’t happen in a silo.  Our goal is to build a bridge that leaders of color can cross for generations to come, and we need the perspectives of our community to do that. 


We have a duty to elevate underrepresented voices, and we must always remember that every decision, every initiative, every outcome extends far beyond our four walls.


Change – Transformation Requires Discomfort

At Colorwave, we’re focused on systemic change, not band-aids or quick fixes. This degree of transformation requires bold solutions that challenge us, make us uncomfortable, and have a high probability of failure.


We lean into this uneasiness, ambiguity, and fear. We look for what others are afraid to see, and attempt what others are afraid to do, because real change happens outside your comfort zone.

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