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Supporting Underestimated Founders Building the Future


A 5-week virtual program designed for underrepresented early-stage founders building tech-enabled businesses to begin building the network and community they need to be successful.


​Founders will be placed on one of the following tracks for the duration of the program. Our goal is to match founders with advisors who share the most expertise and experience applicable to their business.


  • Immersive Track: Founders will work directly multiple expert advisors, including Ten X Labs, to get their idea off the ground and product in the market. This track is best suited for early companies at the ideation or MVP stages who are looking for comprehensive support for all aspects of their start-up.

  • Boost Track: Founders will be paired with one seasoned operator or investor to learn and / or problem-solve a key challenge they are experiencing with their business. This track is best suited for companies with an early product in the market seeking targeted support for one key aspect of their business.

Digital Programmer


How is this program different from other accelerators?

Our goal for this program is to be different from other accelerators in the market. We believe that founders can thrive when they have the right support to navigate tough challenges and a good community to lean on. For this reason, we believe in creating programming and pairing them with mentors who can help them tackle specific needs.


What is the total time commitment for founders?

Founders should plan on dedicating 3 - 5 hours to the program every week.


If I'm placed on the Boost Track, what kind of mentor will I be paired with?

Founders are matched with one expert for the duration of the program. We will aim to create the ‘perfect’ match by connecting participants with mentors who share the most expertise and experience applicable to their start-up.


In addition to mentorship, what other events will founders participate in?

Founders will attend workshops and AMAs with industry experts on key start-up topics such as fundraising, financial modeling, hiring talent, or marketing. In addition, founders will have the opportunity to connect on a weekly basis to build community, discuss progress, and serve as a resource to each other.

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